Professional recruitment is a separate industry. Companies in Thailand today do not believe in giving recruitment process any more time and attention than it needs on the baseline. This is the reason why recruitment in Thailand are rising and shining. The fact that firms can get the guaranteed recruitment with the help of professional recruiters in Thailand is making them bank their recruitment process on these agencies. Here is how professional recruiters in Thailand work.

Retained search

Professional recruiters usually go for this mode of candidate search, because it gives the firm the highest number of choices or option in candidates to hire. This kind of search is usually employed for the mid-rung positions. The recruiters take about 33.3% of the annual compensation for the position, and it is paid in three equal installments.

Delimited search

This kind of search is employed for positions higher than the ones mentioned previously. In this method, while the recruiter’s cut remains the same as above, they get paid only if a successful hire is achieved. This essentially means that only if the firm hires certain candidates for the advertised positions will the recruiter get paid. This guarantees worthy applications for the advertised positions.

Contingent search

This mode of candidate search is a premium service, and contains high risks for the recruiters. Professional recruiters ensure that only the choicest candidates are sent for an interview with the firm. The recruiters get paid if and only if the firm hires one of their candidates and the candidate agrees to join the firm. There is no payment made otherwise.

The above three modes of recruitment in Thailand ensure that guaranteed hire is achieved.