Companies are grappling with higher churn rates. A combination of many reasons contribute to increased attrition in companies. While some factors are beyond the control of management, it is possible to maintain healthy retention rates within companies. This actually, begins with recruiting the right candidate. A perfect fit is not adjudged merely by skills or compatibility, but career planning within the same organization. Read on to understand how the best executive recruiter can actually stave off attrition within a company.

Horses for courses - focused search criterion

An executive search should ideally remain a focused and company centric activity. Designations may be identical, but the profiles of companies differ. A professional executive recruiter, would first map the organization that is looking for candidates.  Various factors, such as strategic planning, succession planning and retention management needs to be considered by the agency before starting the search. The ideal candidate should fit into the position snugly and not be just a broad consensus fit, in the absence of a suitable resource.

Screening and assessment

The best recruiter would conduct an in-depth screening and assessment of the candidate to ascertain the candidate’s aspirations. A fine balance needs to be struck with regard to the aspirations of the candidate. He or she should neither be cowed down nor resent higher hierarchy to the point of leaving, nor should he or she be a reason for others to leave. The right screening and assessment processes, accepted by the industry help in putting the right talent on the bench.

Extensive database and suitable ATS

The recruiter who is in possession of a limited database would definitely be unable to bring the candidates to the table. Innovative features in the right Applicant Tracking System with the best algorithms help in zeroing in on the right candidate from a large pool.  Reputed executive search companies that follow the best processes using the right resources will locate the perfect fit for positions.

The right choice during hiring, and the right policies contribute to a healthy work environment. This will cut down employee churn rate significantly. While it may not be possible to fully plug attrition, it can be brought down to manageable levels. Choose the right recruiter, share a comprehensive job description along with a broad perspective of the company profile and relevant policies. This will help the recruiter to home in on the best candidates to augment team strength.