When companies hire employees, it is always on the presumption that the candidates fit the role perfectly and carry out all the responsibilities while possessing characteristics like integrity, team spirit, leadership etc. If the hire is wrong, it leads to lesser productivity, not to mention the time it will take to onboard a replacement. Recruitment firms have at their disposal a host of resources and the right processes to identify and help hire the best candidates.  Four of the inalienable advantages of utilizing a recruitment firm are listed below:

Choosing from extensive and diverse sources

Recruitment agencies are usually equipped with advanced Applicant Tracking Systems that collate resumes from a diverse source. This gives them an extensive database to look for candidates. The software also helps in indexing and querying on the most complex and desired combination. This resource also helps in screening out dupes and spot resumes with incorrect or misleading information.

Cherry picking from the best of the best

A HR manager will always find it easier to cherry pick from a narrowed down list, rather wading through a mass of applicants. To put it quite simply, in industry parlance, it is easy to choose from a list of candidates rather than a multitude of applicants. Recruitment agencies are able to professionally conduct a screening and shortlist the right candidates.

Structuring of pay packages as per prevalent industry standards

By virtue of being a recruitment agency in HR domain, these firms possess accurate information about industry standards with regards to pay packages. This is especially beneficial when a candidate is required to be poached. Compensation which is flexible and arrived at on the basis of an employee’s skills and experience requires knowledge of the domain. This knowledge is readily available with recruitment agencies which in turn helps the firms to make a right offer.

Assessing a candidate’s skills and carrying out background checks

Experts with extensive exposure to assessment are invariably employed in recruitment agencies. This experience coupled with assessment tools help in finding the perfect fit for a job description.  Companies really do not have the need to invest funds or resources in assessment tools or resources for an activity that would not be regular or frequent.

Recruitment agencies possess the knowledge, the resources and the processes to find the right candidates.  They offer invaluable inputs such as succession management and retention management.  These inputs help companies to manage their human capital better and reap the twin benefits of productivity and cost cuts.