Contrary to perceptions that the digital era has sounded the death knell of headhunters, it has actually help improve deliverables. In matters of recruitment and talent acquisition, digitization will not help in isolation. It needs to be accompanied by a process of consulting, which includes sourcing and assessing. Here are a few compelling reasons which prove that headhunters are important and relevant despite the era of digitization.

Sourcing passive candidates

It is important to understand that many passive candidates will often turn out to be the best fits for positions.  And it is equally important to understand that most of these passive candidates will not make a move to scout for jobs. Such candidates generally do not budge unless they are contacted with tact. This calls for experience in handling and reaching out to candidates, which can never be accomplished by a slick digital campaign. The human touch is what it will take to get passive candidates to think seriously about a switch.

Updated sources with strong network

More often than not, despite digitization, many individuals do not update their present positions or inclinations. This often results in organizations chasing the wrong candidate, right up till the point of being informed of unsuitability or disinclination. Headhunters maintain updated sources, which means that they possess information about candidates which will help them to assist organizations to zero in on the best fit.

Carry out initial screening and assessments

Headhunters perform the initial level of screening and assessments, making it easy for organizations to conduct advanced screening. The frenetic pace of business does not offer organizations the luxury of a buffer. Everything needs to work within a schedule. A delayed process may end up losing a candidate who could have added value to the position. A headhunter helps organizations to cut down on the time required for getting their candidate.

As mentioned earlier, digitization in isolation does not really serve recruitment or talent acquisition. It can aid the process as a tool, but cannot replace the role of a consultant and headhunter. Headhunters offer great value to organizations with their expertise and resources.